Neha Tiwari Leaves Rad on the Web Podcast


nehatiwariAs of the 15th of February, the beautiful Ms. Neha Tiwari left her podcast Rad on the Web. She has been previously on Tekzilla and also sometimes on Revision3’s canceled show POP Siren. She now does work on Vo1d. I wish her the best in future and also for Rad on the Web and Carlos Rodela.

She is also soon to be married.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2009


Anyone inside of the island of N. America, Happy Thanksgiving 2009. Hope you are spending time with your family and eating all the turkey you can. In the mean tme, I am working on notitlenoname.com, and will soon have it up completly. Right now, it is under construction, but you can always go back and watch our previous epsodes at YouTube.com/trails247. Otherwise, eat, eat, eat!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Bank of America, JP Morgan rethinks overdraft fees



Last night, Chase Morgan and Bank of America announced a rethinking of overdraft fees. No longer will you be charged for a ‘small’ purchase ($under $10) that causes you to overdraft. If within 5 days, your account is not leveled back to zero or positive, you will then be charged $35. They also put a cap of of four overdraft in fees in one day. This totals for $140 in one day. They also have now an option to opt out of overdraft protection.

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Crank 2: High Voltage – Playback Issues



Ok, so Crank 2 was released on Blu-Ray this past week (9/8/9) and Target had it on sale for $25.99. I bought it without thinking. The only problem is, I can’t play it on my blu-ray player!!!!!!!! Would have been a nice warning label on the disc to let you know that it doesn’t work. So I began to peck around and looked on the first Google link. Seems that you apparently have to be connected to the internet and also have a SD card or thumbdrive connected to the player for it to work. Now it downloads the new software and I have to agree to something from Lionsgate and the movie will work???

NO!!! I am still having issues with this thing. The menu is coming up blank, b/c all I get is the background video playing and no buttons to choose from. OR, when I do get the menus and press play, the thing goes black and all I can hear is audio. NO VIDEO. WHAT is wrong???!!!!! Lionsgate, I want a blu-ray that works!!!!

I have a Samsung BD-P1500 plugged directly by HDMI cord to my LG37blah blah blah…… Gladiator works that I just bought! AHHHH I need help!!!

Youtube charging for downloads?



Is Youtube starting to charge for downloads?? Was this just me or was this something in the news that I missed today. I started watching this video of  TooHotforWords.com and there was a link below it for $0.99 for the download of the video via Google checkout. Is Youtube out of their minds??? Youtube is the king of FREE videos. Where on the face of this planet would someone pay for a FREE video?? Really?? Do you know h0w MANY YouTube downloaders there are out there. Did YouTube really think this one through??!!

If you would pay for a good, high quality version of a video, please leave a comment below, because right now, I know of no one!

Boom Boom Pow!!~ Apple style


boom boom pow

have you seen this kid?? he is using the Apple retail stores as his video internet stardom spot. check out some of his videos, this one is hilarious at the beginning when the girls are looking at him. It’s even funnier that everyone just keeps walking by.

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