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Best of CES 2011: Clickfree Wireless Auto Backup


Best of CES 2011: Motorola Atrix


Self driving cars are closer than you think


Well the title is a little misleading, but the idea is slowly coming to with today’s smartphone apps and the capabilities of add-ons and accessories. For instance, my personal favorite, Viper SmartStart allows you to start & unlock your car from virtually anywhere (you have internet access) via your an app on your Android, Blackberry or iPhone! It will also pop your trunk and panic! Now this is a basic idea, but it seems that there is more out there than just that, like being able to track, get diagnostics and keep you in lane when your sleepy!

The first of two apps I saw on Engadget (who got it from PhoneArena, who got it from ReadWriteWeb, it’s funny to follow the trail) lets you plug into that diagnostic plug that all cars since 1996 have, and upload the information to the web. It’s called AutoBot by Mavizon Technologies. The idea is that this little device will plug into the port and allow you have GPS locating and diagnostics to keep you on top of when to change the oil. This little guy can also be setup to send someone a text message when the car is in a wreck (& the airbags deploy) and send you the location, so you can call 911 if the person is unavailable.

The app that comes with this will be able to track the car as well, in the event of a Decepticon stealing your car (bad joke, I know, stole it from the engadget story) and you can let police know its location. Even better when you forgot where you parked when you took the train into town and now can’t find your car! The hardware is not out yet, but hopefully looking for a 2011-2012 release, and they will be at CES 2011. If you want to try it out, you can apply to be a beta tester at their site, but no guarantees.

The second app makes me want to recycle my iPhone 3G along with my iPhone 4 just so I can have one running dedicated GPS directions and the other for this app! Ever seen those augmented reality apps, like Google goggles or Layar? The idea is to use the smartphone’s camera to see, and then add location information or whatever data you want on top of it, so you can see what’s in the world around you. You can see tweets, restaurants or your personal tour guide. So imaGinyze has created an app that tells you when you are approaching a car or change lanes!!

The camera will pickup vehicles in your near distance, and even when they get close, can give you distance information! This HUD that it has also tells you it’s current speed (via GPS math, I’m assuming). This is way too cool not to have a video demo (you can see more at the website):

Now who thinks self driving cars aren’t coming soon??

UPDATE: It looks like this guy stole my title and wrote his own article… (good article actually)

AutoBot via [Engadget]

Augmented Driving via[ReadWriteWeb]

CES 2010 Things We Want – NTNN Episode #17


Lenovo U1 doubles as a Notebook and Tablet


Lenovo branded IBM IdeaPad has been announced at CES and this thing is a two for one deal! It runs it’s own Linux style UI while in  Tablet mode, and let you  get to the internet as needed and just a 1.5 inch thick, but doubles into a notebook computer with the add-on keyboard which turns it into a Windows running PC so you can do the office things that you need to do. It literally takes seconds to switch over, check out the video below from Revision3:

via [Revision3]

Slates/Tablets are coming, Apple or Not



The HP Slate announced at CES 2010 seems to be the way things are going. The last few years it was the netbook, but now it seems we are going to the touchscreens of tomorrow with these new computers. Right now, all we know about it is that it supports Windows 7, as shown by Mr. Ballmer himself, and it does multi-touch. Ballmer even showed it running the PC version of Kindle software and it looked great! A cool new way to read a book. It’s not the for mentioned Courier that we have seen previously, but it is a good step in that direction. I don’t know if the Courier was still in development or not, but this is definitely a cool new PC to look out for in 2010.


Dell also pulled aside a few people and show them the slate from Dell called the “Streak”. (not “the streak”, just streak). Now this guy is only a 5 incher, but looks pretty sweet. Engadget got a few shots of it, here is one:


Now this thing is touted as running Android and not Windows. Now this is more a phone than a PC, because it does have a SIM card slot in it, so we know it will be a GSM phone.

Dell Slate Hands on via Engadget

via [Engadget]

via [Engadget]

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