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CES Rumors and HP Secrets


Well, it seems that while Apple seems to be be taking over the news (again) with the rumored AppleTV that we all knew about since the release of the Walter Isaccson biography of Steve Jobs, HP seems to have a possible ace of its sleeve with a newly “leaked” trailer type video for a new ultrabook. Apple right now, is the leader in this market with the MacBook Air. There are others out there by Acer and Lenovo, but those two companies are much smaller than HP or Apple, so I don’t think they have the market cornered just yet. It seems though as Apple is already building some steam for the month of January, it may be one of the companies of 2012 to keep an eye on. The rumor mill is also stirring with news of the iPad 3, a January media event and hackers running iPhone and iPad apps fullscreen on the AppleTV.

HP will have to step up its game in these “leaks” if they want anymore excitement in this news. I think as the weeks pass and we all begin to overlook some of HP’s blunders, we may see more information leading up to CES 2012. I think that the HP WebOS is a possible sell off or it may even be brought back by HP with the sale of the HP touchpad over and over and over again this last year. Even with all that craziness that was 2011 for HP, I don’t think a new CEO will solve all of their problems either. I mean, her last job was eBay, not really a hardware company at all. Does she have the intellect and determination to make HP a great company again? Only time will tell.

I can say though, HP is everywhere when it comes to laptops though. Bestbuy and Amazon has to be two of the biggest retailers that sell their laptops like it is going out of style. Everywhere I go these days, all I see is that little HP logo or the Apple logo. I really don’t see Dell, Toshiba, Acer or really any other manufacturer that much out there. As for myself, my last two personal laptops have been HP. So will this newly “leaked” HP ultrabook be the revival of the HP name? Or will the logo change be all that they need? With all of this going on, and 2012 just now getting started, I hope the best for HP, and can’t wait to the see the┬áSpectre at CES!!

Slates/Tablets are coming, Apple or Not



The HP Slate announced at CES 2010 seems to be the way things are going. The last few years it was the netbook, but now it seems we are going to the touchscreens of tomorrow with these new computers. Right now, all we know about it is that it supports Windows 7, as shown by Mr. Ballmer himself, and it does multi-touch. Ballmer even showed it running the PC version of Kindle software and it looked great! A cool new way to read a book. It’s not the for mentioned Courier that we have seen previously, but it is a good step in that direction. I don’t know if the Courier was still in development or not, but this is definitely a cool new PC to look out for in 2010.


Dell also pulled aside a few people and show them the slate from Dell called the “Streak”. (not “the streak”, just streak). Now this guy is only a 5 incher, but looks pretty sweet. Engadget got a few shots of it, here is one:


Now this thing is touted as running Android and not Windows. Now this is more a phone than a PC, because it does have a SIM card slot in it, so we know it will be a GSM phone.

Dell Slate Hands on via Engadget

via [Engadget]

via [Engadget]

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