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iOS 4.3.1 Data issues and strange uploads – Phoning Home?


Ok, so I have a really weird data leak and I need help with it, as it seems I am not getting any help from AT&T or Apple. AT&T can’t tell me where my data is going, and Apple hasn’t heard of this issue as of yet, which I guess is fine, since it is only a 10 day old issue. I’ll see if anyone else has this and can help, or maybe an Apple Rep can help.

Lost yet? I’ll give you the background. I have had an iPhone 4 (GSM) on iOS 4.1 for the longest time because of the jailbreaks not being untethered until recently. I don’t upgrade my phones software unless the jailbreak is untethered and confirmed for Windows (either redsn0w or greenp0ison). I saw this tweet from the iPhone Dev Team saying that iOS 4.3.1 was jailbroken untethered, and jumped in! I skipped iOS 4.2, 4.2.1 & 4.3 because of jailbreaks that were tethered, and were lost once you rebooted the phone. Well let’s just say EVERYTHING was fine and dandy on 4.1.. but then I upgraded to 4.3.1.

For the Find my iPhone that was added in 4.2, and the personal hotspot that was added in 4.3.

So I updated and started having issues. With my themes, the background for the Lock Screen and Home Screen had gone missing in my themes. When I tried to apply a different theme, I kept getting a black background with a square and blue question mark. So it looked like from 4.1 to 4.3.1, Apple has changed the location of the home screen and lock screen wallpaper locations. No problem, I just moved the wallpaper to the locations that the themes were looking for them, instead of trying to find where Apple had moved the new ones, or possibly renamed them, to make them harder to fine. Stupid Apple.

Ok, so I kind of did a work around to make my theme work, but I used to be able to change my background in the settings on the phone, now I will have to use iFile or SSH into the phone from my laptop to change my wallpaper. Stupid Apple.

Then I came across this little gem today… My iPhone is apparently sending CRAP loads of data either late late at night or early in the morning, at the cost of 300+MB a pop! It’s a good thing I have the “Unlimited” 5GB of data. So let’s start a timeline here so you get an idea where I am going with this.

April 4th 2011 – roughly around 10:30PM I backup 4.1, before I update to 4.3.1 as you see below.

Just for reference I started my new career as a Tier 1 Tech Support on Tuesday 4/5/11 the next morning at 8am.

So the first full week goes by of me being at my job, and we finally got desks, workstations and laptops on Friday 4/8/11.

Then yesterday, Wednesday the 13th, for the first time in a long time, I booted up Pandora (over 3G) just after getting to work at 8am. I let it run pretty much all day, except for my 1 hour lunch break and left to go home at 5pm. So we can say roughly 8 hours out of the day, I ran Pandora. Then today (4/14) I did the same, booted up Pandora and for say maybe 7 hours of the day, because I paused it a lot more because of meetings and conversations I was having in the office. So we have a total of 15 hours of Pandora being used in a two day period. That’s it.(They have a 40 hour cutoff for free accounts)

So I went to check my usage on my account since I have a 5GB cap. Wow was I surprised! I went to investigate and found a few little instances where my Phone was spitting out some serious amounts of data, and at times I wasn’t even awake!! The worst part, is that it was doing it over 3G and not my wireless connection. So let’s see those “issues”:

See that? What happened here? I have a lot of data being used across my phone. And I don’t know how either. So I looked into it, and it seems that I have had over 2.5GB used in the past 10 days, which is what the at&t account page lets me see. So let me put this in a table like view, so it’s all grouped together.

364,139KB (355.6MB) 04/05/11 11:47pm (im in bed asleep by 10 or 10:30pm)
322,353KB (314.8MB) 04/06/11 11:12pm (asleep)
138,392KB (135.15MB) 04/10/11 07:46pm (I was up, but watching netflix on my xbox)
359,160KB (350.74MB) 04/10/11 11:13pm (asleep, but later that night)
448,801KB (438.28MB) 04/11/11 10:56pm (asleep, the next day)
675,764KB (659.93MB) 04/13/11 06:49am (i don’t wake up till 7am)

The thing that gets me, is this is all since I update to 4.3.1 on the 4th. Now I think someone will say that it is because I have a jailbroken phone, but you can’t say that, because I have had a jailbroken phone since iPhone 2G. I always jailbreak them. I also noticed that I was having battery issues as well, and my battery was getting worse than before. See below:

So then I thought, let’s go back to the previous months to see what my data use was. AT&T has a data calculator to show you what you have used historically so you can make decisions on changing packages. So let’s see what that looks like.

Wow. Nowhere close. Except for Christmas, because I was out of town and using tethering on my iPhone for my laptop when I couldn’t get a good landline cable or DSL connection. Nothing over .5GB at all. That seems to be my normal usage (skipping December) for the last 6 months, well 5. So you see what I mean? I think I need to go back to 4.1. The only problem is, I will lose Photoshop Express because they quit supporting 4.1 and I can’t have the latest version of the app if I go back. Boo..

I need help. Any others with this problem? Can you help? Leave comments below or check out the two threads I have joined on the Apple forums.

4.3.1 bug by Judyabro

or the one I started (with the exact same question)

Magical Overnight Data Uploads or just plainly data loss

I’ll link back to this page as well.

Could Siri Assitant be the backbone for iOS 5 update?


Well it seems since Apple purchased Siri last April (2010), this new update to the iOS in June may be the reasoning for that purchase. There are rumors flying around that the voice recognition that is currently in the iPhone will be deeply integrated into the next iOS update. Siri originally won the 2010 Most Innovative Web Technology award at SXSW. The app helps you with voice activated commands and searches instead of having to type into the app. It’s great because you can do voice commands like “I need a taxi.” or “Where is the closest grocery store?”.  There was supposedly at one time a command to call people inside the app, but I don’t see it the latest update to the app. It just leaves a text confirmation that it isn’t there yet, but coming soon. So is that a pre-cursor to validate that this rumor could be true? I don’t know, but it will be revealed soon.

The iPhone currently already does some of these voice commands like Call Jeff or Play Breaking Benjamin, but it maybe that this new update could bring more commands to the already popular iPhone.

via [Digg] via [Edible Apple]

Last.FM drops free support for iOS devices


Well Pandora will definitely gain a new user after this new announcement from yesterday. It seems that Last.FM, which is a competing streaming radio service, will halt all of their free streaming service to all iOS devices on February 15th. This will not include Xbox Live, Windows Phone 7, the Last.FM desktop client and the website as well. WOW. That makes it sound like that they are trying to die on purpose. It seems to me they got a large amount of users on the iOS devices, and it may be bogging down their service, and they want to kill it off. ARE YOU RETARDED????!!!! Let me show you the email I received from them as well:

The only good part, is that I will get a free 3-month subscription from them? Really? I don’t even want that one since Pandora still runs it free. The company’s claim is that the ad-supported model is not working for them, and don’t want to continue down that road. Well it seems that either Pandora is killing them, and no one knows about Last.FM, or they just want to find a better way to monetize their efforts. Whatever the reasoning is, Goodbye Well, partially, I still love your scrobbling client that allows me to see how many times I listen to certain artists and introduce me to new music. If Pandora has some sort of this style of client, I may switch completely.

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At&t adds 2GB wifi hotspot option for $20


Well with no attendance of Apple at MacWorld for the last 2 years, it seems there isn’t any Apple news coming out at all, except for this little nugget. It seems the Wifi hotspot feature that is going to be standard on the Verizon iPhone, will soon be standard as well on the AT&T iPhone as well. The developers have seen the beta version of iOS 4.3, and it seems to be good. With this update, the software does allow for the iPhone to become a hotspot, but that doesn’t mean anything on the carrier side. So one half of the idea is soon to be. It sounds like Apple will be releasing the 4.3 update on Valentines Day. The good thing is, it seems that AT&T agreed to add this option to the iPhone and well, all other smartphones that support it. In a press release from last week, it seems that date will be February 13th that this goes live. The package will be an extra 2GB for $20/month. So it seems that the 14th release date of the 4.3 seems to be right in line with the new option. So this seems to be getting more expensive to have an iPhone and have it run its full capacity.

$39.99/month minimum Voice Plan

$25/month for 2GB of Data


$15/month for 200MB of Data


$30/month for ‘unlimited’ (for original customers who are grandfathered in, or those who lost it and get it back)

Then there is texting:

$20 for unlimited

Then however you want to connect to your iPhone and share the data:

$20/month for tethering


$20/month for wifi hotspot


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Success isn’t overnight (Or in 3 months either)


I am just ranting here, so if you don’t want to read it, I am warning you now.

Ok, I am just completely tired of these big companies pulling out on their projects so quickly. It’s like if the thing doesn’t make a profit after 3 months or so, pull the plug, we don’t need to waste the time on it. For example, the Windows Phone 7 has now basically been on the market for 3 months, and it seems from the Steve Ballmer speech about revenues, that Xbox Live is killing it, and everything else is just background noise. I have already heard speculation that they may pull the phone from the market, much like their KIN phone that failed last summer. WHAT?? I really hope that this is pure speculation because from the early adopters, I have heard nothing but good news. Even Alex Albrecht had made mention of it on diggnation somewhere after episode #287, but before #291. He said the phone is a great phone, but it is a 1.0 product. There isn’t any multi-tasking built into the phone, and there isn’t enough developers for the platform just yet. I think part of the reason is that Microsoft came way too late in the game in this one. At this point, if you are going to come to the game, you better bring your A game and then some. Android and iOS devices are leading the pack, no matter what Blackberry says.

I would even like to try out a Windows Phone 7, well up until I ran into the Motorola Atrix. That seems to be the phone that will put Motorola back on the map like the V3 did back in early 2000s. Which actually brings me to the 2nd product. The Motorola Xoom. A tablet that is apparently already having issues with retailers. Why is it before the thing even launches, we already have nay sayers?? It isn’t even on the market! All I am hearing is about the sticker shock that people are having about the price of the thing, and the fact that it doesn’t have a wifi version. Which apparently is the way the Galaxy Tab went as well, to help subsidize the price. The only problem is, LOTS OF STUPID people can’t seem to lock themselves into a 2 year contract.

(ranting about commitment)

Are you kidding me?? REALLY? How often do you people change carriers? Like is this a 6 month thing? Do you constantly look for the blog post from INSERT_BLOG_NAME_HERE that tells you how to get out of your contract once the TOS changes, or do you constantly just pay the ETF fees? I don’t get it. You people have turned int to commitment fearing, single mother or father living, spineless pieces of CRAP. I AM SICK OF IT. (I am looking at you most of the tech world) (in my most sarcastic boo hoo voice) Oh, it’s so scary to sign a 2-year contract. I don’t want to be locked in. I’ll just keep paying MORE for my month to month. I can’t commit to that, who knows what will happen in TWO years! That’s just to much pressure. I can’t take this.

SHUT UP! Do you know how fast two years goes by? I’ve been with AT&T since 2001. That’s 0. 1. that’s right, 10 years. Just pick a provider you like and stick with them. I just don’t understand it anymore, I am so sick of hearing even good friends of mine, and NEIGHBORS who say they don’t want to be locked in. You got married didn’t you? How hard was that? I have neighbors who won’t sign a 1-year lease, 1! They say they don’t want to be locked down. REALLY?? REALLY?? You’re married and have an 8 year old kid. Have you seen your porch? It looks like you have been stocking everything out there like you are going to be there for a while. Oh wait, you’ve been there for 7 years. 7!

Now back to my original thought, I guess Microsoft and all these other companies are expecting overnight success. The Xbox 360, the Kinect for Microsoft has done well. The Kinect may have been a slight overnight success, but you have to understand the R&D that went into that and the years that it took to bring to market. I guess everyone is expecting that every product they bring to market, to be a an instant success. It takes time. SERIOUSLY. Don’t give up after three months. Just because it isn’t making sales numbers. Let the public know what it is, let them try it out, let it be blogged about, DANG. Just go back to the drawing board, start all over again, and try to come out with something that blows us all away. Like Apple did with the iPhone.

I am not saying Apple is the end all be all, but they have been very successful with their iOS devices. They started a whole new revolution by staying away from all other crap that was out there, and Steve Jobs said, there is NO WAY I am putting anyone else’s crap on my phone, and I am doing it my way! That’s what he did. Now look at the iPhone. You people have to step back and re-invent. Don’t just copy and expect it to win.

I’m done. I could go on, but at this point, I am 885 words in… I think that’s enough.

AT&T announces unlimited iPhone Data Plans again (kind of)


Well who didn’t see this one coming? It seems since Verizon officially announced the iPhone data plans, earlier this week, at $30 for ‘unlimited’ access, AT&T couldn’t stand by silently. It was last June (2010) that AT&T announced their new data plans for iPhone users, and it came at a price. If you were any new user of the iPhone or upgrading your plan, you could no longer get the ‘unlimited’ 5GB of data, but that you were paying for at most a 2GB data package for $25 instead of the previous $30. Now with the announcement of the iPhone 4 coming to Verizon, AT&T has to come back, but with a hitch. The only people currently allowed to get the ‘unlimited’ back, are the people who had it previously and lost it. WHO are these people??!! I ask because, if you remember when they started this new pricing plan, if you already had the ‘unlimited’, you got to keep it, and you were grandfathered in. So therefore, as long as you didn’t change your voiceplan or upgrade, there was no need to change your data package. Then if you were a new user who bought the iPhone 4 upon release, you never had the ‘unlimited’ in the first place, so that specific of a demographic is a VERY SMALL number. Wow, everyone else keeps talking about how AT&T sucks (Kevin Rose, Brian Tong & countless others), and I have stood by them because they don’t suck here in the southeast, and they have been a reliable provider since I had the original iPhone, but NOW, WOW! AT&T should just keep their traps shut, or go all out and just drop 2GB cap, and allow for every iPhone user to get that ‘unlimited’ plan for $30!

That’s my two cents..

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