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the reason why I started a podcast


ok, so some of you may ask why I started my podcast (well, really videocast), and I think this video is a good basis. This kid is only 12 years old and he gets a check for $20-$30 a month from his hosting service. I like his attitude that he does it for fun and not the money, that is my basic idea, but I hope that someday it gets picked up or even sponsored for that matter.

No Title, No Name – Episode #3


(***this is a quick and dirty encode, I will later upload to Vimeo for better quality***)

This is episode #3 of No Title, No Name, if you want to email us, you can hit us up at: notitlenoname[at]gmail[dot]com We need a title. Or some comments, something please!!!! Let us know your out there!

No Title – Episode 2


here is episode 2 for your enjoyment:

No Name, No title – Episode #2 from Rusty on Vimeo.

Welcome back, this is episode #2, this week we talk mostly about HD products, from the EEE PC, to the Zune HD to the Samsung i8910 and more! check it out! (We need a title)

New Video Post (33min)


if you have absolutely nothing to do, and are bored, and need a laugh… well here is my first attempt @ a podcast. This was very impromptu, and not even scripted. I had a few stories lined up, a little bit of an intro to who we are, and then on to the stories…

No Name, No Title Yet – Episode #001 from Rusty on Vimeo.

this is a first try for a video podcast, very diggnation’ish, but I call it an om-age to diggnation.

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