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My Windows 7 package arrived


My windows 7 package arrived! Now I am waiting for the 24th to arrive. They send you a copy of it in 32 & 64 bit versions. They also sent along the playing cards, streamers, poster, tote bags and a table center piece. Kinda nifty! Now how do I make this not so bad as the Microsoft videos???

Windows 7 boxes in the wild



win7Windows 7 is only 18 days away, but the boxes are starting to show up in the wild. There is an electronics store in Chicago who has there pack. Most of your retails stores should start receiving them in the next few weeks as well. Also, there are the party packs that are going out the many of thousands that are hosting house parties for the release of Windows 7. You can see a full unboxing here. (I am still waiting on my party pack to arrive!)


via [Engadget] who got it from [StuffIWrote] and


I’m Hosting a Windows 7 release house party!



That’s Right! I was selected among MANY to host a Windows 7 Launch Party! All of you windows and PC nerds out there need to come. I will have to hold it off till that Saturday, but I will have free party favors for those that come! Make sure you catch all the details at the party page. If you can’t make it to mine, there are plenty to choose from!

This is to celebrate the new release of the Windows 7. If you haven’t already pre-ordered, then you need to. See my previous posts about getting it for half off or even college students getting it for $30!!!!

Leave comments below if you are reading this and want to come, I can send you an RSVP invite directly from my party page!!!

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