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Project Natal: October 2010


We’ve all seen the videos, we all watched it on Jimmy Fallon, and we have been drooling for it since the first time we saw a preview. But the day has finally come and now we can set our Google calendars, but Project Natal for the Xbox 360 has been announced for an October 2010 release! It’s actually been a while since any new videos or information has been surfaced, so this was kind of on the back burner for me, but I am glad to hear this will be ready for the Christmas holiday.

In case you have forgotten what Project Natal is, then here is a video:

You get the idea? Control your xbox with your hands?!?!?! How awesome is that???? I can’t wait to see it. I don’t remember if they announced a price, but I will be one of the first on board for that one!

via [Engadget] via [GamesInternational]

XBOX 360 gets USB Thumbdrive Support


Microsoft released an update to the XBOX 360 today to allow for up 32GB of external storage through the use of two 16GB thumbdrives on the system’s two USB slots in the front. This update is free for XBOX live users who connect to XBOX Live and can be downloaded once your signed into your Live account. This recent update has also started SanDisk to start selling some XBOX branded thumbdrives as well.

via [PCWorld] & [XBOX]

XBOX 360 Elite Price Drop



So a few days ago, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 elite’s price will drop by $100. Along the same lines, the Pro will drop by $50 and the ArcadeĀ  will stay the same. There also will be some new packaging with the new price drop, that you will see in the weeks to come as the retail stores get their shipments in. This is right in line with the release of the sony PS3 Slim. This new announcement still keeps the Xbox cheaper than the PS3 and hopefully sell more units.

You can see some of the new packaging at Major Nelson’s Flickr account here.

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