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new iTunes update rumor already reality? (not really)


So I was reading earlier today about a possible rumor update to the iTunes application. (read previous post) Then when I was about to goto bed, I saw this link on a friend of mine’s update on Facebook. I thought it were odd, since I read this is supposedly rumored. So I ran update on my iTunes to see if there was a new update. It says I can’t connect to the server, which by the way, I haven’t been able to connect to the iTunes store for the past few days either, I need to call my ISP. What’s weird though is, I can click on her link and it goes directly to the store on my iPhone. Kinda weird? or coincidence???


after figuring this one out, I feel really stupid for falling for this one. I found out that if you go into the iTunes Link Maker, that you can search for any artist or album and pull that iTunes store link directly into your facebook and post it as a link, and Facebook automatically does the rest. It makes a nice little link for you. So I call bull on the rumored Facebook integration!