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Google Goggles announced and confirmed for the iPhone

Google announced Monday, Google goggles for the Android platform. What is Google goggles you ask? Let this video explain:

Basically it allows you to search via the camera on your phone. Google says you can search via a picture of a landmark, book cover, DVD/Blu-Ray cover, artwork and logos. Just simply take a photo of the item and it should bring up the appropriate search result. Now I have seen a review on the app on Verizon’s Motorola Droid on AppJudgement and it seems that it is currently a work in progress. It didn’t seem to work very well on the barcodes, but seemed to be fine on the covers. It will be very close to other apps like Yelp!, but won’t be the augmented reality like in yelp. It will help find some of your searches in nearby stores for price comparison though. This is awesome for the Android platform, but what about the iPhone? As of the other day, TechRadar said it has confirmation that the program will soon hit the iPhone as well! Awesome! Can’t wait to try this app out!

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