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iPhone Rumors aside, a 5MP camera sounds awesome!

iphone3gWith the iPhone rumors a stirr, since there is a scheduled event that normally takes place around January every year, I figured I would give you one that I thought was rather interesting and seemed a bit more plausible for a June/July 2010 release. I assume that they would talk about it in the January event, and make us wait till June, like they have before. The tidbits that I am hearing is about a new 5MP camera that would shoot 1080p video. Now I find this plausible because of the source of the current iPhone’s camera, OmniVision seems to say they will be supplying Apple with a lot of these cameras for a summer release. To be completely honest, I would be more than thrilled to know that I waited 2 years for the 4th gen iPhone and skipped the 3GS. I would be even happier if AT&T would get off their duff and make the iPhone use its 7.2Mbps connection, or at least have 4G ready by then, and would make it a perfect union of 4’s! With this camera, it looks like you will also be able to shoot 1080p video! Does that mean we will finally be able to watch our HD versions of our movies?? Because I have a lot of podcasts that I watch everyweek, but I have to watch them on my PC b/c my iPhone doesn’t do HD. How about it Apple, you could blow M$ out of the water with an iPhone HD. The only thing is, the iPhone screen is still a crummy 320×480. I guess if they did a 5MP camera, they would also have to up the screen resolution as well.. that’s my take on it.

Merry Christmas!!

via [ArsTechnica] & [TUAW]