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iPhone OS 4.0 coming soon…

It’s finally official, the new iPhone OS has been announced and we will see what all the hub-bub is about this coming Thursday at 10AM PT. There is rumored to be a new iPhone in the works as well. The only thing we know, there is a new software update around the corner and June seems to be the 1 year life cycle of each previous iPhone. There is also rumored to be multi-tasking finally enabled on this phone, a 5MP camera, a front facing camera and a new Apple processor to compete with the Snapdragon, currently running the Google Nexus One. We won’t get every thing confirmed until Thursday afternoon, but oh the anticipation for us iPhone 3G holders who skipped the 3GS. I will be up on my contract just in time for the new phone!!!

Before anyone asks, that is a picture mock-up from Redmond Pie

via [Engadget]