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Facebook now allows downloading of your profile

So in a weird new update that came yesterday, there is something new that did spark my interest, and that was the fact that you can download your information from your profile from Facebook.

Basically the idea is that it is a portable file that you can keep with you in a .zip format. This file will include everything about you on Facebook. (This includes your photos, videos, posts, messages, friends lists, etc.) This really didn’t have any point to it in my understanding, because it’s not like you can take this .zip file and put it anywhere else (i.e. Myspace or any other social network). Unless the idea is that many other social networks, or future ones will support the uploading of this file and you don’t have to refill out your entire profile, kind of of like a social network resume. But for now, it is kind of nice if you uploaded a photo or video to Facebook and you don’t have it anymore that you can d/l it and have it to keep! Check out the video below on how it works:

via [TechCrunch]