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Verizon iPhone Review for Everyone!

Ok, so I am not switching to Verizon, and I am still loving the AT&T iPhone 4 that I have, but there are a lot of you who would love to get one or jump ship over to the Dark Side, so this is for you.

Today is the day that all Verizon wanna be’s and Verizon current subscribers have waited for. Well at least the latter half can in a few hours. All pre-orders for the iPhone 4 on Verizon for already existing customers starts somewhere around 2 or 3am CST, I think… double check me on that, it may be midnight, I don’t know. BUT, before you make that jump, I wanted to make sure you had some more information. There were a lot of reviews out there today, and there were some one sided reviews, so I went through a couple to give you a run-down of what everyone had to say. So here goes:


CNET was a little one sided, but they are in San Francisco, and I will say, it seems AT&T is a slower more horrible connection on the west coast. They seemed to lean to the Verizon of things, but it is great if you live in San Francisco! So you can see the full review over at or even the Kent German run down over at

The funny thing was they said the new iPhone doesn’t have 4G, and that was a complaint. Well news for ya, according to the governing body that sets the standards for 4G, NO ONE has 4G yet!

I do like the audio quality test they did, but again, that is in San Fransisco.


Engadget was little better as far as being a little less biased, but it did seem AT&T seemd to win out with them. Now I don’t know where they are based out of; I think it’s New York, I don’t know. You can see their full review over at I will say, wherever they tested at, AT&T KILLED the data speeds. Awesome. They didn’t seem to get into the testing as much as CNET did, but still a good overall review.


TechCrunch seems to hate AT&T as well and he already canceled his AT&T account by using Google Voice as his replacement. I don’t particularly think that is a good way of going about things, but if you don’t like the service, you don’t like the service. You can read their full review over at

One of the biggest complaints I would have for the Verizon iPhone is not having the ability to do data and voice at the same time. The wifi hotspot has no means to me, since I have a jailbroken iPhone and I have MiWi or whatever it is. And I don’t have to pay the extra $20/month.

I am sure there are other reviews out there, so make sure you get a well rounded idea before you make the leap. Google it, or check over at ArsTechnica or CrunchGear….

oh by the way.. guess who didn’t get a review unit? GIZMODO!!! ha ha ha ha!!!!