IKnowRusty.com is mobile!

So, i now installed the mobile press plugin, and now my website is now re-organized for all mobile browsers! This inludes opera, windows mobile & the iPhone. It will be seamless to you, as it will automatically poke around to see what browser you are using, and change accordinly. So next time you get a chance, check out IKnowRusty.com on your mobile today!

Make it ra1n!

the iPhone 3GS has finally been jailbroken, but not by the usual suspects. This guy goes by the name geohot. He basically calls the Dev team out, and says they need to quit trying to finalize everything, but still it’s kinda funny! You can read his whole post here. The funny part is, that one of the latest posts from the Dev Team, has a video of a jailbroken and unlocked 3GS, but he says the software won’t be available until after 3.1 is released! HA! It’s funny to watch people play cat and mouse with Apple!

GDGT is finally launching!

GDGT pronounced Gadget is launching today, (well eventually) and this is a new site by Peter Rojas, previous head guy at Engadget, but he is starting his own new site where you can add your own gadgets that you have, had or even want to a list that is publishable online. This allows you to see what gadgets you own and start talking to others about the gadgets that you have. So for instance, I have an iPhone 3G, I would just add it in to the list of items that I have and it would be seen by others on the site, and we could talk about it, ask questions or even get help from others in the GDGT community. It even has a section for items that you have had, so if you are an expert on the Motorola V3xxx, and you can help someone else out, this would be a great place to go. They also have a section for gadgets that you want as well, so if you have questions about the item, and someone already owns one, you could ask them questions, or see if they want to sell theirs. This is a great place to talk about the gadgets that you own or want! Make sure to check it out; well, as soon as it is up, the poor server is having issues at the moment…

while you are waiting, you can watch Veronica Belmont give a quick and dirty on it, on Vimeo:


you can also follow Mr Rojas via Twitter: @peterrojas or follow the GDGT feed: @gdgt