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MMS finally coming to the iPhone (9/25)


AT&T has finally set a date, 9/25/09. iPhone will finally get MMS as a native feature (that my RAZR V3 had like 6 years ago). Now if you remember, a few months back At&t stated that they will not charge anything extra for the MMS feature, and will treat it as a regular text message. (There was a FAQ link online, but it has since disappeared) This is a little late, since fall starts on 9/22, but I guess since they are finally letting it happen, I’ll let it slide. I don’t want to see any extra charges for my MMS!!! (see a post about it over at iLounge & PCWorld)

The only problem is, that there is still no word on tethering. Now for those of us with jailbroken iPhones, we have been using iPhoneModem or downloaded the .ipcc file that allows tethering to work just by plugging it in USB or over bluetooth. I wish we could hear an official date on that, but until then, I will continue to use iPhoneModem.


via [Engadget here & here]