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Gamer Blu-Ray Playback Issues


gamersmallSo here I am again complaining about blu-ray discs that aren’t playing properly. I just purchased a new Philips BDP-5012 player and it already has issues. I updated to the latest firmware and still I get the same issue. All I see is a little square in the middle of the screen and get sound. Let me back up; I also just bought Gamer (2009) with the digital copy. Now I can just go ahead and download the digital copy to my iTunes and watch it that way, but I want to see the full glory of it in 1080p!! All I am asking, is that the companies that are building these blu-ray players, keep them up-to-date. Even if they are last year’s model, but it does have a net connection. So all I should do is, turn it on, and it update, and the darn thing play! Philips, I am calling you out! Please fix this issue!!!!