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Mobile DTV coming soon to your cell!


As of midnight last night (Oct 15th), the ATSC has voted unanimously for the mobile standard for DTV being broadcasts to cell phones over the 6MHz airwaves. In the bullpen, there are already over 800 stations signed up to broadcast on this slice of heaven. This will include everything from live TV to video on demand with targeted commercials. Italy has been playing around with this for a while now, so it is good we are not the first ones to try this and possibly screw it up. Samsung and LG already have gear that is ready for the new spectrum slice, so not it’s just a matter of time before we are watching last night’s episode of [insert favorite tv show] on our cell phones as we are driving to work. (Not that we aren’t already distracted{video not suitable for minors} enough)

police lights 5.0

via [Engadget] who got it from [ATSC]