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Google announces push email for iPhone


So last week Google announced Google Sync for the iPhone. This allows you to sync your emails, contacts and calendars with your Google account. Basically Google has setup an exchange server for your gmail(well to be a little more specific, they are using the MS Exchange Active Sync protocol). This allows your gmail to be pushed to your phone as soon as you get it, instead of either manually downloading it or automatically downloading it on a scheduled rotation.


It also allows you to keep multiple calendars on your phone as well. You can use your native calendar and it will keep you up-to-date with appointments and invitations with sound and vibration.

I tried the sync of  the contacts, but it didn’t put my phone contacts on the gmail server. So I don’t know how it all works yet, but I am testing it out. So far, I don’t really like it; I liked the IMAP better because whatever I saw on my phone, I saw on gmail, but I couldn’t sync my contacts. Well…. I’ll test it for a little while.

To see a full run down on how to set it up, check out the site here.