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Monday 4/19 – Apple wants its iPhone back

Ok, so this whole day has turned into a crazy iPhone news day. In case you haven’t heard, the iPhone (4G – 4th gen, not 4g internet) was publicly released today as a leak. Apparently this guy Gray Powell who is working on the baseband software for the iPhone went out for a few drinks the day after St. Paddy’s day and got a little too drunk. In his drunkenness, he completely left the prototype phone at the bar. The guy who found it tried calling Apple, because it was remotely wiped and he had never seen one like it. A few weeks later it ended up in the hands of Gizmodo and the media hayday ensued.

There is now physical proof that this is the true thing, since Gizmodo was contacted and politely requested to turn the phone in by Apple.

The fun part is, they had it for quite a while and was able to give us some major details. There is a front facing camera, there is a flash. There is larger resolution screen; they don’t know the resolution, but it was obviously better. It uses a micro-SIM instead of the regular. The power button and the volume up and down buttons are all metallic and the phone is flat. There seems to be a mic next to the headphone jack (maybe noise cancellation). They also tore this thing apart and found a bigger battery. The backing also seems to be a clear plastic or glass (allowing cell signals to pass through).

NOW, the thing is, to see how Apple does damage control. Will this be the final phone that we see announced in June? Or will they scrap the whole thing and start over? Will thy change a few things?? What is to come???

Oh wait.. Here is Steve’s RE:

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