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At&t adds 2GB wifi hotspot option for $20

Well with no attendance of Apple at MacWorld for the last 2 years, it seems there isn’t any Apple news coming out at all, except for this little nugget. It seems the Wifi hotspot feature that is going to be standard on the Verizon iPhone, will soon be standard as well on the AT&T iPhone as well. The developers have seen the beta version of iOS 4.3, and it seems to be good. With this update, the software does allow for the iPhone to become a hotspot, but that doesn’t mean anything on the carrier side. So one half of the idea is soon to be. It sounds like Apple will be releasing the 4.3 update on Valentines Day. The good thing is, it seems that AT&T agreed to add this option to the iPhone and well, all other smartphones that support it. In a press release from last week, it seems that date will be February 13th that this goes live. The package will be an extra 2GB for $20/month. So it seems that the 14th release date of the 4.3 seems to be right in line with the new option. So this seems to be getting more expensive to have an iPhone and have it run its full capacity.

$39.99/month minimum Voice Plan

$25/month for 2GB of Data


$15/month for 200MB of Data


$30/month for ‘unlimited’ (for original customers who are grandfathered in, or those who lost it and get it back)

Then there is texting:

$20 for unlimited

Then however you want to connect to your iPhone and share the data:

$20/month for tethering


$20/month for wifi hotspot


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Turn your jailbroken iPhone into a WiFi hotspot


MyWi. What is it? Is it like the MiFi??? Well, yes in a way. It turns your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot for others to connect to. Anywhere you have a 3G connection, you can share it with friends. It works on a 40bit and 104bit WEP encryption, so no one can access it that you don’t want (technically not b/c WEP is the weakest encryption). This program also turns on your tethering via USB or bluetooth. It even shows an up and down bandwith usage so you can keep a running tabs on the usage of this program. This also turns your spot into a SSID and not an ADHOC network….You can see the full description and information on their website here.

Total Cost: $9.99


You need to have a jailbroken iPhone and have Cydia installed to get it. When you get that, it will then also install RockYourPhone beta. This does it automatically without you needing to search for it. RockYourPhone is another application store, but everything in there is paid for apps. They do have free demos, but you have to search that one down. I will stick with iPhone Modem for now, as I paid for the full version of that one.

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