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Free Wireless mouse on your iPhone

OK, so I was watching one of my favorite Revision 3 shows AppJudgement (YouTube link) and they were doing a Hot App of the day and they came across this little gem. It’s Logitech’s Touch Mouse, and it’s completely FREE. It basically connects to your PC or Mac over wifi and gives you a trackpad and a keyboard to work with! Did I mention that it was FREE??!!! The lag time isn’t even really there either. I used it for a few minutes and it’s great. Now I can run my computer hooked up to my flat screen TV across the room!!! You need the Logitech software installed on your PC or Mac, that you can get from If you paid for other wireless mouse apps in the app store, I’m sorry, because this is awesome! AppJudgement didn’t go into much detail, but you can see this guy’s video below:

App Store Link

via [AppJudgement]