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New Mac Mini Appears in the wee hours of the morning

Look! Did you miss it? I certainly did this morning in the craziness of pre-ordering my new iPhone 4G. Apple quietly updated the Mac Mini, and this time with a HDMI port out!! What’s worth a look @ $699 or $999? Let’s a take a peek..

Well, they added the uni-body design to the machine and it looks GREAT! The power brick has also been eliminated and the power supply is internal to add to the new design. Well, we see the new ports being HDMI (with mini display port) and now an SD card slot as well! Plenty of USB to go around and even an ever dying firewire…

Now how about the fact that you can upgrade (sort of) to DUAL 500 GB and loose the SuperDrive? Think you can attack all that storage space in one sitting? I’ll give you a chance, and then come back to me… Also you go from a dual core 2.4 to a 2.6GHz with both having the NVIDIA 320 chip inside.. You can also double the memory from 2 to 4GB or from 4 to 8GB… Now try watching your favorite podcasts on that machine connected to your HDTV of choice.. I bet it looks PHENOMENAL!!

Your $999 price gets your Mac SnowLeopard Server instead of the home version of SnowLeopard. I think this may definitely be my next desktop PC, Seriously….

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