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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on USB thumb drive?


So Paramount and Kingston have partnered up to start selling movies through USB thumb drive and SD cards. First try: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Is this a good idea?? Who knows, Sony tried it out years ago with the PSP. Will it make it, now that movies are available to your door by Netflix and Redbox, or even to your TV screen via Netflix, Hulu, ABC, the list goes on and on. This is a, We’ll try and see… You can get this at OfficeMax for $29.99 according to My only issue is the DRM thing, how do you watch the movie? Is it laptop only? Is it a one time license that only allows one transfer? How do I watch it?

My next concern, which I cannot seem to find the answer to, is what format is it in?? Will it work on Mac or PC or both? How do I archive it after I have watched it. With a traditional Blu-ray/DVD, it was on a disc that I can store and backup. If I want to back this up, can it be done? What are my limitations? I want more info before I go out and buy one of these. Especially since I bought the blu-ray for $19.99(+shipping) on Amazon last week, but now the price is up to $21.99.

I also have not seen this yet, but that is because they announced this thing today, so it may be a few weeks before it hits store shelves, but if you see one, feel free to post a comment below with a link to the photo.

via [Engadget] who got it from [HotHardware] who got it from [Kingston, kinda..]