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Livestream’s Livepack does “HD quality” video over 3G



Ever heard of Livestream?? neither had I. I saw this post on Engadget and almost fell out. This company has set up a very high quality live stream pack, or as they are calling it, “satellite television truck in a backpack”. Basically this thing does great HD video over (8) 3G modems that are load balanced across 3 different networks (AT&T, Sprint & Verizon). It encodes the video in a very high quality h.264 (at 700 kbps upload) over a firewire cable connected directly to the camera. The user has to provide their own DV cam, but you can rent this thing for $2,500 for a month or $1,500 a month on a 1 year contract. The unit can record for up to 3 hours, and do hot swapping batteries so you can carry two batteries and do 6 hours of field recording! Watch the video below for a full demo from the company who made it:

via [Engadget] who got it from [RedFerret]

satellite television truck in a backpack