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possible iTunes 9 screenshots??


So over at the Boy Genius Report, they have a source that is possibly showing new updates to iTunes 9. They are talking about Facebook integration and DVD playback/ripping, and 3rd party support. September 9th is slowly getting closer and is it possible that these rumors are true about the new beta of iTunes?? Apple would be one of the first, besides RealPlayer, who would have DVD ripping inside their software that wasn’t shady. I know there are millions of them out there that circumvent the digital rights stuff, but I am talking direct ripping inside of iTunes. Apple does have many of blu-rays and DVDs that already have the digital copy included with your purchase, but this would now enable you to rip your old DVDs into your library.

Facebook is also a possible integration that would allow you to share all that you do with your library. You can see all the screen shots over @ the Boy Genius Report.