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Skype Acquires Qik (sqik?)

Is the end of live video chat as we know it?? NO. Just kidding, but it looks like Skype was talking a few days back about acquiring the live video streaming service Qik. Now if you don’t know what Qik is, basically it is a streaming video service that runs on multiple platforms (PCs & Cell Phones mainly), and allows for LIVE viewing of the video. It was most recently made known by the HTC EVO on the Sprint network for their live face to face chatting over 4G.

Skype is the video chatting, friend calling, and texting service mainly based online, but can be paid for to be used across landlines as well. Skype-to-Skype calls are free, which I would safely assume that most users go this route, which can include all of the previously stated services. With this new service acquired, I don’t exactly know what the idea is behind it, but we shall see in the future. I can already video phone my other skype friends via the recently updated iPhone app, so I am assuming that this is just adding more users to the base. Who knows, but congrats to the Qik team and all of their employees!