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Best Disk Space Visual Analyzers for Windows and Mac

So, these are not my own selections, but two articles I found that I would like to keep bookmarked on my own site for archival purposes. The two pages are originally from here (2016 on both):


I personally use WinDirStat for all of my Windows installations and it has been my go to for years, but I recently just saw a very similar one called WizTree for Windows. You can see the similarities below in the screenshots:


Since I love being able to see my data in a very easy to see visual format, I also wanted to find something similar to this on the Mac side as well. It wasn’t hard to find with a quick Google search. I installed Disk Inventory X and it seemed to be exactly what the others were. Something visual I could see and click on large blocks and just click and see what the file was and do with it what I needed, very quickly.

Disk Inventory X

I hope this helps you out as you are trying to see what it taking up the most space on your drives, as it helped me!

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New Video Post (33min)

if you have absolutely nothing to do, and are bored, and need a laugh… well here is my first attempt @ a podcast. This was very impromptu, and not even scripted. I had a few stories lined up, a little bit of an intro to who we are, and then on to the stories…

No Name, No Title Yet – Episode #001 from Rusty on Vimeo.

this is a first try for a video podcast, very diggnation’ish, but I call it an om-age to diggnation.