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Future smartphones to help find cancer?

So with all the rumors of the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 floating around, and possible talks of an NFC chip, so it can be our wallet as well, I found this little nugget. I keep hearing how the iPhone and iPad devices are staring to be used more and more in the medical field. For instance, you can buy iStethoscope for your iOS device and listen to your heartbeat on your selected device, all for 99ยข. A friend of mine and I were talking today about how the iOS devices are making there way into the medical field, and he said, “Yeah right, next thing your going to be doing is diagnosing yourself at home and calling your doctor and telling him you have cancer.” It was all a big laugh, until I came across this little article. I was kinda surprised, as this article reads that the smartphone of choice, can have a microchip installed that can detect cancerous tumors within an hour! WHAT?!

You read right, a smartphone can have a chip installed to detect cancer! Now if you get into the detail of the article, it explains how the chip works and how it properly diagnosed 44 out of 50 sample patients! Wow. It was then followed up by typical pathology, which takes about 3 days, and still only is 84% accurate. How awesome is that? A small microchip that analyzes for cancer and can be put on a phone! What will they come up with next?

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