So apparently the new company Spot. The Difference is the new competitor to Redbox. These guys are based out of California and look to bring a pricing war to the movie rental kiosk model. The pricing sets each movie rental at $1 per movie, this includes blu-rays! So they have beat out Redbox there, but they aren’t done yet, it seems, that if you rent more, you “save” more. Now I know technically, you don’t save more, by spending more, but the marketing is there. The idea is, if you rent two movies or more, they are only $0.89! So now this “saves” you $0.11 per movie if you rent more than one at a time. This is all based upon a 24 hour rental, so I don’t know if the timing thing, like with Redbox it is 9pm the next night. The only problem I see is, LOCATION. This is only in California at the moment and only in Riverside County. BOO! The other thing I like about these kiosks is the two slot machine. They have a slot for express returns, so that while someone else is taking forever to make a selection, or just staring blankly at the screen, you can just scoot past them to return your disc. I love it! I hope these guys can expand to Eastern half of the US! I might even check into investing!

via [Engadget] via [HomeMediaMagazine] Source [Spot]