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Google wants to bring 1GB download fiber to your neighborhood

The world’s largest search engine wants to bring you fiber to your door! The best part about it? They want to keep it open to all! No prices just yet, they want to stay competitive though, and want city, county and state officials to start proposals to see if their community could be selected for these test trials. They are claiming they will service 50,000 people and possibly up to 500,000! Their cut off date is March 26th of 2010, so if you live in Nashville, you better get a move on! I would even vote for Chattanooga a this point. Either way, wherever they put it, I want to move there! (I have till April 11th to choose a new home, hmmmm….) If you are a city official or just live in a town and think you should be nominated, then you need to head on over here. While your doing that, watch this video from the announcement:

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