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Sprint Users and Android Users are retarded (Seriously)

Ok, First of all.. Everyone reading this from the Sprint Users and Android Users groups, you’re all completely retarded. I vote the mayor to be the guy who wrote the article over at I think he was just trying to get traffic to his website. To make a claim that Engadget is biased to the Apple side is completely absurd. They (Engadget) are a tech news site, just like Technorati, ArsTechnica, GDGT or even Gizmodo. Their job is to report. That’s pretty much all they do, and everynow and again have an opinion on things. So for you to say they are biased, and that is the reason why they pulled the article, is just plain stupid.

Lets start with the original article that was pulled:

iPhone or Evo: which one should you get?

The article was mysteriously pulled yesterday, and many were looking for it a few hours after it was posted. Myself included, because my At&t contract is up, and was looking to see if the EVO was a better option.

I went to Digg because the link on the Engadget website went away.. I left a comment to see if anyone had picked up a cached version of it because I wanted to read it. You will notice, a couple people left comments with links (including myself) to the bing and google cached version.

Then I get up today and I read this article over at Engadget and all seemed to be ok.

UNTIL I came across this article about how Engadget was biased…

Wow, what a stretch of the imagination. Do I hear jealousy?? Does someone want an iPhone instead of their EVO? Is someone jealous they aren’t being talked about?