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comcast is up to it’s old games again (again)


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So my ISP, is back to its regular ways again. This time, it is throttling its users back at two specific points, and this just seems horrible in the fact that I PAY for the service. I am not receiving free service via paid ads or some cray pyramid scheme. I am PAYING for it. The first trigger is if you are using 70% of your maximum rate for 15 minutes, they will throttle you back. I am running the 22d/5u; so if I run over 15.4mbps for 15 minutes, they will throttle me until they see fit (about 15 minutes worth). The second trigger is, if the main hub (Cable Modem Termination System) that I am hooked up to feels that I am hogging up the bandwidth on it, regardless of the speed I am running, it will throttle me until things are back to normal.

I really don’t appreciate this, especially if I am running some sort of torrent or downloading some big file from the internet. Just for instance, I paid for a digital copy of windows 7, and I should be getting the advertised speed that I am PAYING for, instead, I have to wait for it because comcast thinks I am bogging down the network. All the rest of you comcast users can suck it for all I care; your just regular users using YouTube and Friendster and Facebook and Twitter. You don’t need all that speed anyway.

This is honestly getting ridiculous playing this cat and mouse game. It’s just getting old. For the last few years it’s been torrenting issues and blocking certain traffic and the FCC said you had to stop it. Now you are just playing the game again, but just a little differently so your not breaking the rules. I don’t like you comcast. I pay you for a service and you don’t deliver. I understand you have to provide for millions of people the internet, but gosh dang it, they need to get back on dial-up or DSL anyway.

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