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Xbox Kinect Announced for November 4th with NEW 360

Ok, so if you missed it, with all the hub-bub about the pre-orders for the iPhone 4, Xbox announced yesterday at E3 2010 the new Xbox 360 (slim). This new box is ready for purchase today and project Natal renamed Kinect for the Xbox 360 (to be available 11/4/10)! The new box is thinner than it’s previous model and just being named “the new xbox 360”. It is said to be “whisper quiet”, and comes with wireless built in! This model will come with a 250GB HD built in as well.

Also being announced with the new hardware were many new games for the Xbox Kinect, like Kinect Sports (very similar to Wii Sports, but with NO controller!!!). Also, all the games we were already expecting for a late summer launch, like Halo Reach, Metal Gear Solid:Rising, Fable 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Not only these awesome titles, but an exclusive partnership with ESPN to bring college football, basketball, MLB, NBA and soccer to the Xbox 360 via ESPN 3.

Also being announced were a few updates to the OS, including video kinect, which allows you to use the camera on base station to video chat with any one on the MS network, including PCs and Xbox users alike! Now this is great, so that you can use this camera with anyone with the MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger, and not just limited to your Xbox buddies.

Now there is definitely no reason for any single guys like me to have a cable bill. Just sign up for internet and all I want is on my Xbox or my PC.

You can see a great run down of the new hardware over at Engadget

CABLE COMPANIES: Pay attention, EVERYTHING is going to the net, we don’t need you for TV, just internet….

via [Microsoft Xbox]