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Last.FM drops free support for iOS devices

Well Pandora will definitely gain a new user after this new announcement from yesterday. It seems that Last.FM, which is a competing streaming radio service, will halt all of their free streaming service to all iOS devices on February 15th. This will not include Xbox Live, Windows Phone 7, the Last.FM desktop client and the website as well. WOW. That makes it sound like that they are trying to die on purpose. It seems to me they got a large amount of users on the iOS devices, and it may be bogging down their service, and they want to kill it off. ARE YOU RETARDED????!!!! Let me show you the email I received from them as well:

The only good part, is that I will get a free 3-month subscription from them? Really? I don’t even want that one since Pandora still runs it free. The company’s claim is that the ad-supported model is not working for them, and don’t want to continue down that road. Well it seems that either Pandora is killing them, and no one knows about Last.FM, or they just want to find a better way to monetize their efforts. Whatever the reasoning is, Goodbye Well, partially, I still love your scrobbling client that allows me to see how many times I listen to certain artists and introduce me to new music. If Pandora has some sort of this style of client, I may switch completely.

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