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GVmobile+ in, now waiting on Google Voice

Ok so the general public is now a little more aware of Google Voice, now that you can make a free call anywhere inside of the United States, from just inside of Gmail; as long as you install the plug-in. So we all have to be wondering, what is the plan here??
Well it seems that Apple didn’t originally fall in love with Google, as the apps for the iPhone that were put in the App store were all taken down and forced to go to the jailbroken side of things and move into the Cydia App Store. One of the major players was Sean Kovacs and his app GVmobile.  Well for most us, that was great, because he had the app for free in that store, or you could pay for a premium version.

What is GVmobile you ask? GVmobile allows access to your Google Voice account so that you can use it as a phone interface on your smartphone instead of only using Google Voice in your browser. Basically just using all of your services that you get with your Google Voice account, put on your phone natively in app format. It’s great!

Well as of September of this year, GVmobile+ was released back into the Apple App Store and it looks like we also should be looking forward to an official Google app as well. If your willing to fork over the $2.99 for the GVmobile+, go check it out! But in the mean time, feel free to call me or text me on my Google Voice Number ( 615-873-0051) while I continue to test out GVmobile+

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