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CNET News answers where the new iPhone is

I’ve scoured the major websites for my only one question that I wanted to be answered about the new iPhone 4.0 release. Yes, we get multitasking; yes we get the unified mailbox; yes, we get the game center; yes, we finally get folders; but what about the freaking hardware update??!! There wasn’t any, “One more thing…” today.

I realize that all this stuff is GREAT for the 3GS and 3rd gen iPod touches, but what about a LARGE number of people who skipped the 3GS? We don’t want to have to upgrade to, um the 3GS 2. I was really hoping that today they would announce a hardware update, so we would be wanting this thing for the next few months, but all I got was multitasking.

So I searched everywhere, and after hearing this from CNET, I felt really retarded:

OH!!! WWWDC!!! I completely forgot about that. Does that mean that the new hardware will be announced at the end of June, and I will have to wait until like August or September to get it, or do you think it will be ready on announcement day??

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