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new iPods 2009

touch shuffle nano04

If you missed it today, Apple has released their new iPods for the holiday season. Just to give you a run down of what was released:

iPod Nano now has a video camera. 8GB is now $149 and 16GB is $179. It comes with a FM RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will have the new Genius Mixes and also adds a pedometer for your Nike+. This was pretty much in line with the rumors.

The shuffle is now in the same colors as before, except that they have a special edition stainless steel. They added 3rd party support for headphones to have the remote in their headsets.

The iPod classic is 160GB again, but for the $249 price.

The iPod Touch will now be doubled again to 64GB, but for the previous 32GB price! Now I can’t wait till next June to see the 4G 64GB iPhone on VERIZON!!!! ha ha ha… just kidding. Also the new 3.1 update that has actually been out for a while.

That’s pretty much it. Not enough for me to go out and get a new iPod, but cool if you haven’t upgraded in a while.