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POPBOX, Awesome Internet Video Streaming


Make sure you check out the POPBOX coming out in March, announced just a little while ago at CES 2010. This box does it all with internet video, Netflix, Photobucket, Twitter, Facebook, and much much more. It even has a USB slot so you can connect an external harddrive and have it read your videos from it. Just in case your wondering, it does Divx, Xvid, .MKV, .avi, .m4v, .mov, .flv and even does pictures and audio!!  Coming out of the back of this thing, HDMI, Optical Audio, Component video, stereo audio out and an ethernet jack to stay connected to the net. You should check out the website for full details and sign up for email notices when they start shipping in March. How much you ask? $129 for the wired version and $149 for the wireless N version.

You can see a video about it on the Revistion3 website here

You can read more about it from CNET here

You can definitely see more pictures of it here at