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Comcast upgrades Nashville

So today I got in the mail a few surprises, and one in particular that I was very happy to receive.  It was a mailer from Comcast, in which I normally would have thrown away, because it’s just ads for their service.. but this one was different:


So I was very intrigued to see exactly what this was, as Comcast has done speed upgrades before when they went from 3 to 6 Mbps and then 6 to 8Mbps. They always claim even more with the “PowerBoost” that only lasts for the first 10MB or 5MB or whatever it was, but wasn’t really that much speed…. so let’s flip it over…

ComcastbackWow, this is starting to sound like and Apple ad for the 3G iPhone, when it first came out (by the way, I am waiting for the 4G, or 3G2). So as you scan down the page, you can begin to see my excitement!!! Let’s take a closer look:

Comcastback1That’s right, the old 6Mbps is now the new 12, and the old 8 is now 16!!!!!! The “PowerBoost” does make it look good with the 20/4 on the new one, but you will only have that for a short time. The thing that caught my attention was this little gem:

Comcastback2WHAT??!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? We are finally catching up to the Asians and Europeans?? Why has this taken so long??? So I called, and asked to be upgraded. Prices first. The smaller of the two is $69.95/month. Which isn’t much compared to what I pay already, which is $67.95, so why not??? I asked for the price of the larger, and it is  $99.95/month! I would have gladly paid the price, BUT I just gave up a $132 bill from Comcast for having HSI and HD cable.

So I was foaming at the mouth, I told the rep that I wanted the 22/5. She began to tell me that I couldn’t get it in my area, that it was currently in rollout stages, and has not come to my neighborhood. BOOO!!!! Don’t send me a flier, then tell me I can’t get it. That’s like telling sending me all the specs and pictures of next year’s model of the iPhone, and telling me I can’t tell anyone! AHHHHH! She did tell me however that it should be out at the end of the month in my neighborhood, so I am looking foward to that. While I was waiting, I read this little snippet:

Comcastback3All I had to do to double my speed (to the 16Mbs), was unplug and plug back in. You don’t think I didn’t do that right away!!! Here is a few speed tests that I ran off off

Not bad for a first test run, but I need more, so wait I shall!!!