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Netflix added video out on the iPhone

We all remember the day when Netflix was finally announced for the iOS devices. Then finally in August, we finally got the app for our iPhones and iPod Touchs!! Well apparently I completely missed another major part of this continuing story way back in the 1st week of October (10/5 to be exact). The Netflix app added video out support for their iPhones and iTouch devices. Now they did support this on the iPad previously, but was not a feature for the more mobile devices when the app first hit the market, so this is a big deal if you want to put your Netflix streaming up on a big screen! Now this feature will only work on 4th gen iPhone and the 4th gen iPod Touch, but this is a better option, and more of a reason you should upgrade if you currently own a iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS or any earlier version of the iPod Touch.

You can download the app for your iPhone or iPod Touch on iTunes

via [iLounge] & [Engadget]

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Streaming Neflix soon to have 5.1 and CC


If you have Netflix streaming, you could soon be in  for a nice little update. 5.1 Surround Sound and Closed Captioning will soon be on the streaming service of Netflix. There were reports that there was going to be 1080p video, but apparently those were scrapped. Netflix was talking to CNET about their roadmap for 2010 updates and this is where they seem to be going. As of now, there isn’t any time or details as to when this is going to happen, but sometime during this year, you should see the update.

via [Engadget] via  [Gizmodo] via [CNET]