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T-Mobile brings VoIP chat to Facebook

Well it seems that T-Mobile isn’t going quiet into the night before this At&t merger acquisition. T-Mobile is now releasing a VoIP option for Facebook users, giving them the ability to voice chat instead of typing. This will be built into the chat window that already lives on Facebook. What will happen is the new install from¬†will now place a new icon next to your Facebook friends that have the app installed as well, letting you know who you can use the app with. The roadmap apparently shows future use of video chat as well, but for right now, it’s just like making a phone call to all of your 700 friends! Being the fact that it is a VoIP service, it is free to use, via the company Vivox. So whip out your desktop microphones and turn up your speakers, cause now all of your friends will be calling, unless of course you don’t install the app.

You may already use one of the many other VoIP apps like Skype, Tango or Viber, but this just makes it so easy, because it is a simple plug-in inside of facebook, instead of being a desktop published app on your local harddrive. Now I have not heard whether this will work on any mobile versions of Facebook, which I highly doubt at this point, but I am sure this is on the roadmap as well. Even if T-Mo gets gobbled up by At&t and becomes At&t sled. So go try it out and let me know what you think below!

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Viber 2.0 brings Free SMS to the iPhone

Remember back in January when I told you that Viber, the app that lets you make 3G VoIP phone calls, was going to be releasing an update that was bringing with it a SMS function? Well, it finally happened! Today, 3/31/11, Viber released their update to the app. So go check it out! Now you can send SMS (text) messages for free to other Viber app users. This allows you to help cut down on your use of your allotted SMS messages that you use currently, and possibly in the future, we can quit paying for text messaging at all!

(Note: I hate how we over pay for $0.000001 it costs to send a freakint text message.)

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Skype updated with over 3G and Multitasking

Remember way back last year when AT&T announced they would allow Skype VoIP calls over 3G? Well its been quite a while, but now with the new iOS4, Skype has finally updated to allow their calls over 3G to happen and allow them to be received even after the app is left. It will run in the background to allow you be online all the time. When you receive a call, a little notification bubble will pop up and let you know who is calling. The best part is that there are no additional charges for using your data instead of minutes. The only thing is, if you just jumped on the “unlimited” iPhone plan, you only have 2GB instead of those who were grandfathered in with the 5GB cap.

You can download the app here (opens App Store)

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