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XBOX squeezing out 1GB of space on “new” format discs

Well it seems that the XBOX discs are getting stretched out to the brim. Microsoft wanted to start a new Preview Program for the XBOX 360 community and did it by way of a tweet from Larry Hryb aka @MajorNelson on Twitter.

The details seemed to be that the company wanted to try a new format of discs and for everyone that got in on the program, got a free “new” format disc of Halo: Reach. The new format seems be that the discs are currently capped at 6.8GB of data for the game side of things and the rest for DVD-Video and copyright side of things. With the new format, they will now be able to use 7.95GB of the dual-layer discs. This means more space for the game side of things, but what happens to the copyright side?? Who knows? It seems that this will be rolling out in the near future, but until the new program testers get the “new” formatted discs, we won’t know what the difference is. The original Halo: Reach maxed out at 6.6GB, so now with the extra gig of space, will there be any difference in polygon count or just more game-play features? We shall see…

via [Engadget]