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Lexar is now selling 128GB SD cards!


Well it seems that Lexar is now shipping their SD cards we heard about back at CES 2011. With the 20MB/s speed, it seems to be the best card out there for the latest DSLR and HD video camera consumers out there. Don’t go jumping for joy just yet, you will have to shell out $200 or $330 for the cards. So if this is you, go ahead to your hearts content… I think I’ll wait till the price comes down near the $75 mark. You can read the full press release at either story source below:

via [Engadget] via [dpreview]

Best of CES 2011: Samsung Series 9 Laptop


Best of CES 2011: Holographic 3D displays


Best of CES 2011: Control Everything with Unity Remote


I saw this on Tekzilla as well, but this thing looks to be promising:

Best of CES 2011: Instant USB VPN sharing


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