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Micro$oft’s Courier sure looks promising



so if you haven’t seen this thing, I recommend¬† going straight to the video and skip all the reading. This thing looks like it is going to take on the tablet market and kill all who stands in it’s way. This looks to kill the Kindle, the Sony whatever and any others that are coming to market anytime soon. Watching the video, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It basically puts a tablet in a book style and then adds a touch screen interface and makes you feel like you are literally opening a book and reading it, only BETTER! I watched the guy flip a page, and it looked like a real book changing pages as he turned it across the two screens! Even when you use the stylus, it looked like he was taking notes on a real notepad!!! Just watch the video and so some research for this thing in the near future!

Courier User Interface from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

via [Digg] which got it from [Mashable] which got it from [Gizmodo]

{btw, I still don’t like Gizmodo, but they seemed to be the first one on this}

host a windows 7 house party



if you want to host a Microsoft sponsored house party, and you think you can promote the upcoming release of Windows 7, well then you need to hit them up and apply now! They are also offering, to those that host, a chance to win a PC worth up to $750! You could also receive a signature ultimate edition for hosting as well.

See full details via [HouseParty] via [Engadget]

XBOX 360 Elite Price Drop



So a few days ago, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 elite’s price will drop by $100. Along the same lines, the Pro will drop by $50 and the Arcade¬† will stay the same. There also will be some new packaging with the new price drop, that you will see in the weeks to come as the retail stores get their shipments in. This is right in line with the release of the sony PS3 Slim. This new announcement still keeps the Xbox cheaper than the PS3 and hopefully sell more units.

You can see some of the new packaging at Major Nelson’s Flickr account here.

via [Digg]

the Zune HD sure is Sexy


Here is a quick video review of the new ZuneHD coming out in the near future. I honestly think this is a beautiful device and I am thinking about getting one.

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