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Line2 now available (suspiciously like GoogleVoice)


So TokTumi has now had their app (Line2) approved for the iPhone, and it is live in the App Store now. The funny part about this is, that it its very similar to GoogleVoice. The only major difference is that the Line2 serves all it’s calls over the network instead of over wifi.

Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself there, Line2 is TokTumi’s new application that allows you to have 2 lines for the same iPhone/Blackberry. One for personal, one for business. They even have their own voicemail system, but no SMS. You can sign up for a number on the Line2 website. (I checked 615, and there are some numbers available.) I find this to be rather odd, in that it copies features that are already on the iPhone; which according to Steve Jobs, is STRICTLY VERBOTEN(in the voice of Lewis Black)!!! That’s kinda of funny since the reason GoogleVoice app just got denied in the App Store, just last month. So let’s see a comparison:


Boy that looks oddly familiar! GoogleVoice gives you a separate number, but allows it to ring on several different devices. (“One ring to rule them all!”) The Line2 app can do the same as well, as they have their own hosted PBX. Even other features like call screening and auto attendant. REALLY!? REALLY!!??

Like I said before, I think the reason that Line2 got in, was that they are directing calls over the AT&T network instead of over wifi that GoogleVoice does. One thing I don’t see is the price for the service. You can’t see the price for the service on the front end, without having to sign up for number first. The site does say you can sign up for a 30-day free trial, and then pay for the $0.99 app on the iTunes App Store. Is it worth it?? Does anyone know the price after the 30-day free trial??? If you do, leave comments below!

via [TechTree] and also [CNET TV – Loaded]