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iPhone VoIP is now ALLOWED on AT&T 3G!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t think you understand the great amount of excitement I am having right now for this announcement! This means you now can make your Skype phone calls over the 3G network instead of using minutes, or even GoogleVoice (for those of you that are among the invited) for that matter! For those of you that still don’t get my excitement, I will break it down even easier.

I now can get the absolute minimum of minutes from the company required and the the unlimited 3G data package (up to 5GB…) and not waste any of my minutes. I can now use Skype, which is a free/paid service (dependent on the service I chose) that I can make my phone calls over the 3G network, which now puts At&t in a bind because I am not paying for the large amount of minutes that I would use on their network if I couldn’t use Skype. This is great competition!! (I love you FCC!!!) The same goes for GV since I can use GV mobile on my iPhone. All my calls are free on GV so I can now lower my minutes! Get the idea???


via [Engadget] & [AT&T]