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Slates/Tablets are coming, Apple or Not


The HP Slate announced at CES 2010 seems to be the way things are going. The last few years it was the netbook, but now it seems we are going to the touchscreens of tomorrow with these new computers. Right now, all we know about it is that it supports Windows 7, as shown by Mr. Ballmer himself, and it does multi-touch. Ballmer even showed it running the PC version of Kindle software and it looked great! A cool new way to read a book. It’s not the for mentioned Courier that we have seen previously, but it is a good step in that direction. I don’t know if the Courier was still in development or not, but this is definitely a cool new PC to look out for in 2010.


Dell also pulled aside a few people and show them the slate from Dell called the “Streak”. (not “the streak”, just streak). Now this guy is only a 5 incher, but looks pretty sweet. Engadget got a few shots of it, here is one:


Now this thing is touted as running Android and not Windows. Now this is more a phone than a PC, because it does have a SIM card slot in it, so we know it will be a GSM phone.

Dell Slate Hands on via Engadget

via [Engadget]

via [Engadget]