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Vevo launched tonight, who cares?


So yet another announcement is out today, VEVO. You ask, what is VEVO? Well V (for short) is a video music website. Basically think of YouTube, but with out all the dups and crappy vids of people who put still images together and put the music in the background, I hate those guys. Backed by Universal, YouTube and Google, they had a launch party tonight with Bono and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. There were some exclusives to service that were shown, but is hard to see what is going on, due to so much traffic hitting the website. I still keep getting a tempweb thingy….

To be completely honest, I have no faith in this being a successful venture by any means. Music videos have always had a place, and that used to be MTV, but now I think it’s mostly BETv and Fuze. Artists have always had a hard time, as well as labels monetizing their videos. Most of the newer CDs I get come with an extra DVD or video cd in which I can download the video to my computer.

I just call this one now, and say epic FAIL.

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-Sent from my iPhone is still ok!

So I was on digg (as I am everyday..) and I was reading this article about Steve Jobs being a man of few words, and I absolutely LOVED it!!! This was a great read, but I had to laugh at his reply, it had the “Sent from my iPhone” signature attached! I remember reading an article somewhere saying that it was no longer o.k. to do that, and that you were just being a doucebag if you still had that on your emails.

Well, king of douchebags is still doing it, so I call it now, it’s still o.k.!


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where fore art thou tethering for the iPhone?

Has anyone questioned At&t and why we don’t have tethering yet on the iPhone? Have we just completely forgot that we were told that we would have it by the end of summer this year??? It was talked about that we would pay an extra $10 for the option (above the $30 for unlimited data) as do the blackberry users. This information was presented to us at the time of release of the iPhone 3.0 OS. When the iPhone 3GS was launched across the globe, many countries got this feature right off the bat, along with MMS! At&t dropped the ball and we didn’t get MMS until September!!!! Surprisingly, they didn’t even charge extra for having a feature that my black Razr V3 had like 7 years ago!!!! Here we are, going into the Christmas season of 09′ and we still have no road map or anything telling us when it is coming!

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The good thing is, I’m not a newby iPhone user and I have jailbroken mine. (Mind you, I don’t know how it actually works, but at least I can download the software and get out from the apple chains!!!) I actually updated my carrier file to 5.0 before Apple updated to 3.1 and I’ve had tethering enabled for quite a while now, and it didn’t require a jailbreak! Before that, I was using iPhoneModem 3.0, which I still use every now and then if I don’t have the USB cable.

There are plenty of other options out there as well, and a few that made it into the iTunes App store, but were eventually pulled. To be honest, I really don’t use the option that much, as I am either at work, home or even school where there is wireless that I can hope on. The only time I don’t use work or school and iPhone modem instead is when I want to do some financial transaction.

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h@x0r$ g@l0r3

If you don’t get my title, you may not even care to read this article, but there are plenty of hackers out there this past week. If you haven’t heard, there has been a lot of hacking going on over the past few days and weeks that have made the national news. Even Conan O’brien talked about it, because iPhones worlwide have been ‘rickrolled‘. (Only jailbroken phones, so no the majority of owners.)

Down in Georgia, 4 guys from Europe were indicted in a $9.5 million bank card attack. They basically did social engineering hacks to get pin numbers from active accounts and hacked in the RBS servers and moved money around into their accounts. They ran their attacks around the world and collected $9.5 million.

Then M$’s “COFFEE” (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) has been leaked out onto the interet for FREE. This is said to be illegal to have on the streets, but free to any law enforcement agency. This is a program that was created by Microsoft to get into most XP machines without any problems and gives an all access pass to the officer. M$ is said to be re-creating a new version for Vista and Windows 7.

Just a few stories about hackers this week….

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Firefox 3.6 Beta now available


One of the best browsers out there (anything is better than IE) is laying down it’s next beta version 3.6! If you would like to download it and try it out, head on over to the site and find your language and download it! You can get the full scoop about all the new updates over at the Mozilla blog.

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