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Google announces Google Wallet

Well today at the New York held event, Google has announce the mobile app Google Wallet. This app will work with NFC chips installed into future phones and cases that will retro-fit current cell phones on the market. The idea behind this is that everyone carries there phone with them at all times, just like a wallet, so why not combine the two, since most people don’t really carry cash with them anymore anyway. Google says:

Because Google Wallet is a mobile app, it will do more than a regular wallet ever could. You’ll be able to store your credit cards, offers, loyalty cards and gift cards, but without the bulk. When you tap to pay, your phone will also automatically redeem offers and earn loyalty points for you. Someday, even things like boarding passes, tickets, ID and keys could be stored in Google Wallet.

So that now Google has thrown their hat into the ring, does it seem too little too late? With Paypal able to do mobile payments with an app (not really with a credit card at a retail store) and countless other rumors and dongles out there already, does Google have it right? Can you have, not only a device that pays for things instead of carrying that cumbersome wallet around, but that also carries your membership cards, tickets, IDs & keys? There are many hurdles here to have to jump, but that could be the wave of the future.

We are already tied to our devices by a unique identifer called an IMEI (or older ESN that changed to MEID) on our selected carriers. This is how we can be billed individually on each or devices. I would assume the same could be done for the NFC chips that are installed to the new phones or the dongles that are attached. With contactless payment already out in the consumer market place and being tested with new devices every month, your wallet may soon someday disappear and be a thing of the past.

All of that information is basically held digitally anyway a these retailers, why not give it to them digitally. This would cut down on losing those stupid key rings, fumbling through your wallet looking for those membership cards and give us a good verified ID carrier instead of just a piece of plastic that is out of date anyway(when was the last time you updated your ID or driver’s license?).

For those of you worried about Big Brother though, this may not be your thing, because this can become a single point of failure for your ID security. With everything being on your phone, once it is lost, you are done for. Of course Apple and HTC give you security options for remote wiping the phone if lost or stolen, but I don’t think it is ubiquitous saturation in the market just yet. Security is the big worry on everyone’s minds right now, with the recent Apple “trackinggate” issue, which is still being covered by the FCC and Senator Al Franken. Google faces a lot of things that may face some future scrutiny, but I love the idea, let’s just wait for the implementation to hit and see how things go.

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Google introduces +1 recommendation engine

So are you used the Facebook Like Button yet? Do you use it all? I try to stay away from it as much as possible, because I don’t want that company’s feed or product crap in my news feed on Facebook, but there are a few select. Well it seems that earlier this week, Google wanted to get in in on the action. There’s isn’t so much just a product placement thing, but more of a recommendation engine, powered by your friends and colleagues. This new idea is called Google +1. The idea is that you can click on something to +1 it, and it shows up in your friend’s search results next time they might be searching for something that you have searched for previously. It is the same basic idea that the Like button is on Facebook, but as of yet, isn’t as intrusive in your personal stuff. This will help you in future purchases, research or just about anything Google has their finger in. So I say, go give it a try and see if you like it. Check out the video below from the Official Google Blog:

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Google Voice app goes Official for iPhone

Remember GVmobile +??? Well now it’s finally been ousted by the FREE app from Google, Google Voice for the iPhone. It was finally approved by Apple! You can make phone calls direct and text messages inside the app, just as you were inside the native Phone app. Where GVmobile+ had to manually forward your calls for you, by inserting the numbers for you, but now with the Google app, it does all of that in the background for you, and all you see is the number that it is being forwarded through. This is all done via Direct Access Numbers. Plus, the app does push notifications so you can see the bubble pop up when you get a text, instead of just the little red bubble with a number. Also, will only require iOS 3.1 or later, so there is some legacy support for those older iOS devices. Another great thing that I apparently missed in previous posts, but is great, FREE SMS to all U.S. mobile numbers, BUT no MMS messages, boo!!! So if you have been waiting for the free app, it’s time to go download!

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Google Voice opens to the world

So if you haven’t heard, Google has now opened the by-invite-only Google Voice service. With the service only being just over a year old, and having a modest 1 million users it seems fitting to open it up to the public. I have been using this service for over 6 months now and it is great to see it now open to everyone. The idea is that you only need one number for the rest of your life, and you can just forward your Google number to your actual number. It’s great, because if you ever change service from landlines or cells, you don’t have to go and change everything, as long as you told everyone your google number… Check it out below:

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Google TV to bring the web to your TV (and video too!)

Anyone remember MSN TV??? Anyone remember Apple TV? Or even as late, have you heard about Boxee or Popbox? Well apparently Google seems to think they have it, and want to get it out in time for the 2010 holiday season.

Announced just a few days ago, along with Froyo (Android 2.2 update), Google TV will soon be in the living rooms of everyone! Well at least that’s what they want. Google knows that You Tube is the world’s largest video website, but wants everyone to be able to see it on a big screen, instead of your small screen PC, especially with all of the HD content that is accessible through their servers. They realized that every HTPC out there kinda needs some work. So they have thrown their hat into the ring to see if they can get it right. To kind of give you an idea what they are working on, here is an official video from Google:

Now do you get the idea?

There is fierce competition out there though. Many people already use some sort of combination of web connected devices to stream their content to the HDTV, but can Google trounce them all and be your all in one device?

For instance, me personally, I use an XBOX 360 to watch Netflix HD streaming, and my Philips BD5012 to watch blu-ray movies and my HP dv4-1275mx I connect to my HDTV to watch my podcasts(Mostly Rev3 stuff) via iTunes. So in this situation, I have several devices to watch web video on my tv, but if I can get everything in one device, why not?

Google also says that everyone still wants to have access to the ‘full web’ and not a cramped down version for your tv, so they also throw in a browser as well. So in their browser, not only will you be able to browse the web, but you will also be able to watch video inside the browser as well, not just inside their tv app. The basic idea that they have, is that it is too hard right now to find what you want to watch, with all these menus and tables and craziness. They want to simplify the search and make it easier to find what you want to watch.

The idea is to be in a set top box (STB) or built in to the TV. They don’t want you to have to be in your extra inputs, they want to be the only thing you need. With the new GoogleTV, you will be able to watch live television or web tv right next to each other as a seamless experience. It seem there will be a simply overlay on your content to find what it is you are looking for.. so far, I like the idea.

Some of the first companies to bring it to us will be Sony, Logitech and Intel. It looks like Samsung is still thinking about it.

You can check it all out atĀ and also check out a full guide over at

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