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Google Voice app goes Official for iPhone

Remember GVmobile +??? Well now it’s finally been ousted by the FREE app from Google, Google Voice for the iPhone. It was finally approved by Apple! You can make phone calls direct and text messages inside the app, just as you were inside the native Phone app. Where GVmobile+ had to manually forward your calls for you, by inserting the numbers for you, but now with the Google app, it does all of that in the background for you, and all you see is the number that it is being forwarded through. This is all done via Direct Access Numbers. Plus, the app does push notifications so you can see the bubble pop up when you get a text, instead of just the little red bubble with a number. Also, will only require iOS 3.1 or later, so there is some legacy support for those older iOS devices. Another great thing that I apparently missed in previous posts, but is great, FREE SMS to all U.S. mobile numbers, BUT no MMS messages, boo!!! So if you have been waiting for the free app, it’s time to go download!

via [Google]